The Seehallen Kaffeerösterei does not do things by halves. We roast ONESTO®.
Onesto is Italian, as is our espresso roast too and means honest. Our coffee is honest. No marketing stories, no flowery promises. But certified facts and traditional manual work. ONESTO® is really good. It really starts with the selection of the beans. Fairtrade is a prerequisite for good coffee. Enjoyment also has something to do with the knowledge of doing good while enjoying good things. That’s why every single bean is certified by a Fair Trade farmer.


A product that is freshly harvested from us by hand roasted, must come from organic farming. Organic means pure nature. Without additives and strains. Straightforward, genuine and honest. Really good, without ifs and buts. Nobody can do it better than nature. That’s why ALL of our beans are not only certified Fairtrade, but also organic. All the farms we buy coffee are among the best highland coffee farms in the world. We use the world’s best beans and know exactly where our beans come from.


We are understandable. Honestly. We guarantee highest ethical and qualitative certification for every bean that leaves our roasting plant. Our mission is to understand Fairtrade and Bio as the new standard. We at the Seehallen roasting house are part of a long chain of audited and certified Fairtrade and organic farmers, traders and processors. Our international registry and certification number (FLO ID) is 37725.


Our promise is to bring this quality fresh into your cup every day. In order for this to work, and affordable for everyone, we are foregoing part of the margin and offering our super high quality coffee at the price of a ” normal ” coffee. That’s why we do not spend huge sums on marketing, but that’s exactly why we need you.

We thank you for sharing our story and promoting ONESTO®. Nowhere does comparable quality cost less than ours. It also has something to do with you. We honestly tell you, for the price, nobody makes a better coffee. We thank you.

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